The nasal spray has been around for decades, mostly used to relieve sinus pressure and open the air passages for those suffering from colds or the flu. However, while the nasal decongestant is a common part of treating illness, the use of a nasal spray to deliver cannabis into the system is a relatively new concept.

The advantages of nasal sprays is that they protect the user from the smoke generated by marijuana that may affect the lungs and discolor the teeth. It should be noted that these sprays are primarily designed for recreational use, so they can only be sold in states where that is legal. What follows are considered the best of the current nasal spray products that delivery cannabis into the system.

Nasal Rescue Spray
As the name implies, this is a spray designed to treat a number of ailments quickly. From a wide range of mental health issues which include anxiety to relieving the pain from cancer and its treatments, the Nasal Rescue Spray provides the necessary ingredients that allows a person to address such symptoms. It does include cannabis products such as THC which means that it will need to be legal in your state for its proper use.

Cannabis Nasal-Spray Sativex
Designed to be quickly applied for fast pain relief, this product has proven to be quite popular. It allows the recipient to take in the cannabis not only through inhalation, but also into the blood stream via the sinus cavities. This particular spray is mixed with pleasing aromas for a pleasant experience. Plus, it is designed to help those suffering from spasticity that is a common symptom of multiple sclerosis.

Verra Wellness’s Nasal Mist
The spray is designed to treat pain, fatigue, anxiety, and discomfort. The mist manages to deliver its contents without the smoke or vapors common with smoking or vaping. It is usually prescribed by a doctor in the states where the product is legal. What makes this product stand out is the pleasant aroma that helps make the experience more pleasing.

Cannabis Biotech Nasal Spray
Designed to bring fast-acting relief to those who suffer from anxiety, restlessness, and muscle aches and pains, the bottle is designed to delivery maximum control when releasing the cannabis into the nasal passages. The Cannabis Biotech Nasal Spray has been lauded for its effectiveness and has garnered quite a reputation as an effective alternative to inhaling marijuana by traditional means.

Nasal sprays offer a different means of delivering the THC and CBD into the system. There are certainly advantages as it does not generate smoke or vapor which is released into the atmosphere. However, their may be some complications for those who suffer from issues with their nasal passages.

Based on the effectiveness of the nasal decongestant, there are more cannabis-based businesses creating a nasal spray to deliver their product. By using this alternate form of delivery, those who manufacture cannabis nasal sprays hope to find the right compromise between smoking, vaping, and ingesting cannabis products with this relatively new version.