Novus cannabis health plan is a supplemental plan for the general people who can’t afford the CBD oil and other components of marijuana. In this health plan, the company reduces the original cost of the supplement and makes it affordable for anyone. Before, the cost of the hemp/CBD and the medicine of marijuana is quite high and only wealthy can afford it.

The marijuana is expensive because it is not legal all over the world, only a few States of America has the legal license of its production that is why the less supply and unlimited benefits, this medical compound is expensive than other medicine.

According to the health plan, it’s not effective for the people but also for the dispensaries and far-away areas as well. The health plan does not only help the patient in reducing the cost of the medicine but also help to alternate:

  1. Dental care
  2. vision and diabetic care
  3. naturopathic etc

Moreover, it also provides savings on the medical CBD. It’s a very first health plan that is purely related to the well-being of the general person. According to the health plan if you are spending 150%per months on the CBD medicines but after this plan, your total cost will remain more than half of the actual price.

Facts about Novus Cannabis Health Plan:

  • The Rx Discount on the direct purchase:

According to the company’s policy, the patient will also get an Rx discount if he purchases the medicine directly from the company or place an online order directly from the company. The Rx discount is only for online purchasing.

  • The price of the full plan:

The prices of marijuana medicine are very high but the new health plan will make it easy for all to purchase this magical medicine. Before the full month plan cost more than 150% dollars but the new price that fixed declared by the company is 24.99 per dollars.

  • Not available everywhere:

The CBD plants are available in the nurseries and other harvesting lands but the harvesting of THC plant is not common. It requires a legal license and documentation. The legal program only exit in a few American States like

i. Oregon

ii. Washington

iii. Colorado

iv. New York

v. California

vi. Arizona

vii. Nevada and Michigan only.

According to the news and reports, this service is only legal in America and Canada only. There is no other country that legalized in the harvesting and use of marijuana and CBD products or medicine.

  • Marijuana often sells in the black market:

In 2018, access to marijuana was legal for adults. They can buy and sell CBD legally in the markets of America. The ratio of the legal person was only 20% in total that means only a few people were successful to get the legal license to buy cannabis oil.

The government also faces the main problem that remains unsolved after giving the legal license. It’s the black market issue in which people are still illegally involved in buying and purchasing cannabis oil for a different purpose. Here, the weed is the reason of fight between the state and the people to make it legal; it’s also used in different kind of medicines as well. Though, marijuana still illegal according to the federal law.

  • The availability of medicine:

According to the health department, the first batch is going very well and the company now producing a new batch for the patients. The health department is also leading the companies to take the applications from the people who are interested in participating in the whole procedure through an official website.

The 1st of May is the date when the patients will get the new batch of medicine. On this date, the medicine will be available on the statewide on the mentioned price.

  • More people are involved in the program:

According to the news, many people are starting to involve in this project. In a recent report, more than 100 doctors are approved to be adding in the program. The list does not stop at this stage but more and more experts are trying to add in it. More than 200 people are also adding in the waiting list and as they clear the requirements and other legal documentation, they will be a part of the program soon.

The addition of doctors in this program is quite happening because now, the doctor can approve the patient according to their health issue. They also give them identification cards that are directly approved from the Health Department and according to these patients will get a full checkup before getting the card.

  • Least access of marijuana:

The state law of America allowed people to use marijuana if they are prescribed by the authentic doctor and the illness is on the list of the 17 major conditions. Otherwise, nobody is allowed to intake the marijuana in any case.

The major conditions and diseases are as follow:


ii. Autism

iii. Cancer

iv. chronic pain

v. Crohn’s disease

Almost all the dispensaries, where patients of these diseases are taking medicine are legalized from the states. If some of them are not, the state will be reached soon to legalize them after taking some legal actions.

  • Taxes on marijuana:

As marijuana is not legal so, there is no way to apply taxes on it. But as the state legalized it in some states, it will start taxes in the future for sure.

The companies are now able to grow the cannabis and taxes will apply as per the production of the cannabis oil.

  • Some fake statements:

As the good news came that the health plan is launched for the people, many scams and fake new also attached to this. Some said there is no such plan for the public, it’s just a fake new or government is scamming the public, etc. there is no such scam that the government is playing with the people. You can check the legal website of the company.