With cannabis edibles growing by leaps and bounds many people wonder just how safe are cannabis edibles. The truth of matter is how safe an edible may be will depend on a number of things. Different states have different regulations regarding the sale of cannabis edibles , with some states having almost no regulations and other states setting forth regulations in order to increase the safety of Colorado edibles.

Here are some of the regulations regarding the sale of of edibles in Colorado.

  1. Cannabis edibles in Colorado cannot be the form of animal, people, or such shapes that will be tempting to small children who won’t know the difference between Colorado cannabis and candies they are familiar with. Geometic shapes are permissible.
  2. Single servings of Cannabis edibles must have 10mg of THC or less
  3. All Cannabis edibles must have the potency information clearly marked on the labels by being printed in larger type than the surrounding writing and marked by a circle, outline or bright color.
  4. Colorado edibles must be placed in a child proof package
  5. Better testing needs to be done on edibles

There is currently no way to regulate home made cannabis infused edibles or to prevent those making such products from putting unsafe amounts into their edibles and Colorado law recognizes that. Their goal was to make Colorado edibles safer by keeping small children from accidentally ingesting them, and to allow adult users to know just how potent of a product they were buying.

Even if you are a resident of Colorado and are buying edibles for the first time there are some additional safety measures you need to take.

  • Always read the label of the edible to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients and you know exactly how much THC is in the product.
  • Start low and go slow. Start with less than a full serving and remember it can take up to 4 hours before you feel the full effects of the cannabis, so don’t assume because you don’t feel any effects within a few minutes or even an hour that you haven’t taken in a high enough dose.
  • Know who you are buying from a licensed dispensary is always your safest bet.

How Cannabis Edibles Can be Helpful

One of the reasons why cannabis edibles are so popular is because they help with a number of different health issues. Cancer edibles can be used to help treat appetite, pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting from cancer related issues and treatments.

It also raised serotonin levels and can be helpful in treating anxiety and depression, especially mild depression.


Colorado edibles also helps to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasms in conditions such as arthritis and MS. Edibles can also enhance the quality of sleep and be used to treat insomnia.

Cannabis edibles are easier to take for some people than smoking or vaping and the effects may take longer to be felt, but they also last longer meaning you have to dose less often to get the relief you need.