In modern times, a true medical insurance needs to cover everything single medical treatment a person needs. This includes everything from huge operations to small visits to the local physicians. The insurance people pay for is the kind that offers them a total solution for all their worries. One such worry that many people seem to face currently is anxiety and stress caused by their jobs and other responsibilities. These two cases are highly prevalent and affect most of the population, especially working people. Considering all the bad they can do, it can be said that a cure to them is also something that falls under the umbrella of medical insurance.

One surefire cure to them is the use of CBD oil. This special oil, made from numerous unique ingredients, shows a marked effect on people suffering from anxiety, depression or stress. It’s a perfect cure for all such people, making it a medicine in a way; a medicine that a large section of our population really needs. So you need to make sure you get that medicine. Since it is medicine, CBD oil falls under your medical insurance typically. So let’s see if your insurance covers CBD oil.

What is CBD Oil

CBD happens to be an abbreviation for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol happens to a natural herb found in the cannabis plant. This might give many the impression that CBD happens to something similar to marijuana. However, CBD (often mixed with other chemicals), does not have any of the psychological affects that marijuana does. It is highly easy to use and quite beneficial. If you are worried about using something that is similar to marijuana, most CBD oil is extracted from hemp rather than marijuana. Hence it is a completely safe to use chemical that is devoid of any influence from drugs.

Moreover, CBD is one of the most un-psychoactive types of cannabis out there. Using it, you won’t feel any of the side effects that marijuana is typically famous for. Instead, CBD oil is highly renowned for its medicinal attributes. It happens to provide a calming effect on many and helps them relax, making it a very popular chemical for treatment of stress and anxiety. Imagine marijuana’s soothing effect but no psychoactivity whatsoever, that’s what CBD brings to the table. It is a highly useful chemical that can help even the most stressed out people cool down.

Beyond just stress and anxiety, CBD oil has a number of other medical attributes as well. Research indicates a strong effect on inflammation and pain and how CBD helps to reduce it. With such a wide array of uses and advantages, CBD oil is easily one of the best relaxants you can get, for both mind and body. With its lack of side effects, it’s completely safe to use. Moreover, CBD oil is extracted from hemp whenever it is used for medicinal purposes. So don’t be afraid that you’ll end up carrying around some marijuana if you ever get CBD oil.

Does Your Insurance Support CBD Oil

As you might know, legalization of cannabis and related items has been a hot topic in the US lately. Almost every single state that doesn’t have it in the legal waters is debating about what to do with it. The public demand for it and the scientific evidence all point towards a popular and relatively harmless product. This is why legalization of marijuana is spreading all across the United States. 14 states passed legislation related to it in 2017. With such a wave going around, you would expect insurance companies to be behind the legalization as well.

This is not the case, however. Since marijuana had been declared illegal for so long, along with almost anything related to cannabis, CBD medicine is not something you’ll find in the insurance clauses from your medical insurance. If you want to have CBD for pain, CBD for stress, or for any other reason, you might not be able to do so with your medical insurance. Almost no pharmacies copay in certain areas of the country where cannabis legalization is still an undergoing process and not set in stone.

A main reason for not seeing a pharmacy copay for the CBD oil is because cannabis is still a Schedule 1 substance for most of the country. A Schedule 1 substance is one that cannot be prescribed or cannot be legally included in prescriptions. Even though marijuana is being increasingly legalized in most of the country, the Schedule 1 label is still attached to most cannabis products and happens to cause an obstruction for people looking to pay for it through insurance. Hence the CBD oil you will buy will not involve pharmacy copay. You’ll have to purchase it out of your pocket, with your insurance null and void.

That being said, as cannabis becomes legal in extensive parts of the country, you will see even more CBD oil for sale. With its proven medicinal attributes, it cannot be judged negatively and has to be looked upon as a very useful medicine. That’s an attitude that will reach insurance companies as well after it reaches most of the American public. So in the near future, insurance companies will begin to offer CBD Hemp oil and other such products as a part of your medical insurance. What you need to support for that to happen is the legalization of cannabis in your state. The usefulness and helpfulness of CBD oil is undoubted. If pharmacy copay is allowed for it, more and more people will be able to use. That means a major improvement in the mental and physical health for numerous American citizens.