Cannabiodiol, known as ‘CBD’ is a naturally occurring component of Cannabis. The oil that comes from this constituent is known as CBD oil and has many benefits that have made people prefer its use on a regular basis. This article seeks to highlight these benefits at length.

How it is consumed?

  1. Ingestion

This oil is edible and thus, can be ingested. It has a lot of benefits to the body therefore the need to be ingested either in drops or in spoonful.

  1. Application

It also serves as a natural lotion that can be applied on the skin to moisturize the skin and keep it from cracking. When compared to other lotions, it is suitable since it contains no chemical ingredients thus preserving the skin for a long time.

  1. Cooking

This activity uses oil in order to make food a delicacy. Also, it can be used as a supplement either for seasoning or as a major component of a recipe.


  1. Enhance sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of any individual since it enables body rest which is good for normal body functioning and metabolism. The oil is an inducer of sleep thus improving sleeping patterns and reducing cases of insomnia. It acts a relaxer on the body thus reducing anxieties that may dissuade sleep or distort quality sleep.

  1. Acts as a pain reliever

CBD oil has been used as a pain reliever hence reducing both body pains and various aches in the body. It can also be used by individuals who are deep in a psychological disorder such as epilepsy removing general body weakness and replacing it with body strength and functionality.

The use of the oil is optimal for keeping off pain and diseases and prevents regular purchase of drugs.

  1. Boost skin health

Acnes and lesions on the skin are treated by a number of supplements and medicine that either worsen the situation or take too long to achieve the desired outcome. This oil has been proved to clear the skin of all undesired spots and marks making it a popular choice for ladies in cosmetic stores.

  1. Improves appetite

One of the options that doctors provide to patients with nutritional disorders is the consumption of this oil or its inclusion in food recipes. This is because it appeals to the brain’s reception process which leads to reduced tension and anxiety which might be the causes of a lack of appetite.

Nevertheless, this aspect of the oil should be taken with the recommendation from a certified physician to avoid overeating which can induce nausea which distorts appetite.

  1. Readily available

The plant where the oil is extracted readily grows in most places. Since the extraction of the oil is easy, it has been made easy to get in shops, chemists and other outlets. Moreover, it is the popular choice in comparison to regular pain relievers. Consequently, due it natural nature, it is sold without the prescription of a doctor. Its market is ever increasing and through the integration of the internet, it is now accessible online.

  1. Prevent hereditary diseases

High blood pressure and diabetes are two diseases that are inherited from members of family spanning generations. The consumption of the CBD oil helps to reduce some of the risk factors that lead to the prevalence of these two lifestyle diseases. It has been noted that overweight and inflammation cases reduce in people who consume the oil regularly.

CBD oil helps to regulate the amount of fats stored in the body especially around blood vessels thus destocking the arteries that are tasked with transporting blood to various body organs thus faster flow, lower blood pressure and a healthier heart which means better life. In addition, it induces secretion of insulin which reduces inflammation around the walls of the heart hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Anti-depressant

There are various neurotransmitters in the brain that help to regulate various emotional set ups of the body such as moods. CBD oil is able to activate and speed the actions of these receptors thus reducing depression. Moreover, the oil is a laxative which reduces anxiety.

Side effects

  1. Drowsiness

One of the benefits of cbd oil is that it induces sleep thus helping body metabolism. However, excessive intake of the oil has contrary effects. In the stead of insomnia, the individual now feels sleepy most of the time and no amount of sleep seems to be doing any good. This reduces the functionality of the individual and may even lead to depression or sacking from work.

  1. Decrease in appetite

CBD oil increases appetite. On top of this, there are other many benefits and uses of the oil as mentioned above. As such, an individual might be aiming for a particular use such as reducing depression. The intake of the oil as an anti-depressant can distort the good appetite of the same individual leading to less depression and poor appetite. The receptors for these two are both activated by the oil which may be overstimulated leading to monotony.

  1. Increase in weight

Though in an insignificant manner, continued use of the oil can lead to increase in weight. Since appetite is improved and cbd oils are now readily available to all, people tend to consume it more thus increasing the chances for adding weight.