In the pretext of several scientific researches and studies, certain drugs which were of illegal nature in previous years, have been seen under a new light owing to their medicinal properties. Cannabis or marijuana- is one such drug. Just so, the drug doesn’t get mixed with other over-the-counter medicines, there are separate cannabis dispensaries spread across several parts of the US (alone). Don’t worry, these dispensaries are completely legal to operate.

Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis dispensaries are gaining momentum these days, for their beautiful floor plan and décor. Whether it is about retail designing or branding, one must look at accentuating every aspect of the dispensary.

In recent times, the amalgamation of health sector and hospitality has created a whole new statement and a diverse playground for interior designers to work on. New and innovative designing concepts bring forth a whole new experience and meaning to both the business and its customers. Cannabis dispensary interior design business has come a long way, for now they are no longer considered felonious. Now, dispensary owners are not leaving any stones unturned to attract more and more customers to their store and scale business.

Tasks in front of Interior Designers to beautify a Cannabis Dispensary.

“What is seen is sold!”- a common belief amongst all business groups. Hence, as and when any new store is designed, the emphasis lies more into showing off well-packaged products in all the shelves available in the store. This is the new strategic approach to merchandise a product, including cannabis.

Having just a retail outlet may limit the outreach of the product and brand as a whole. This is the reason why every business (small or big) is out on Google or social media, for it offers a limitless reach out to customers from all demographics, and geographies. Thus, another important task at hand for an interior designer is to make the cannabis dispensaries go digital.

A creative aura when one enters a store gets a strange adrenaline rush in the customer which eventually results into a sale (for the store). Especially, here we are talking about a hallucinating drug – cannabis. So why not achieve a feat by taking the creativity on the walls, on the floor and every corner of the store to another level. Using abstract or antique Turkish rugs is also a good option here.

Don’t make Cannabis dispensaries look like a dispensary. Why not give it a different theme altogether? Ever heard of the Barbary Coast in San Francisco, California? This dispensary is decorated with bar stools, velvet couches, exposed bricks- giving it an authentic bar look which is good enough a reason to disguise its actual theme (i.e. a cannabis dispensary) and lure the crowd to walk-in.

All in all, Cannabis dispensaries are quite spread out these days. Coming up with ideas like the use of Turkish rugs on the floor or walls or windows, just adds that extra edge to a regular drug store in your neighborhood. Why not achieve that extra feat and give your business a new dimension with the help of Cannabis Dispensary Interior designers?