San Diego attorneys still struggle to manage all the THC limitations is cannabis edibles that aren’t mentioned clearly in the law. The regulatory changes done in 2019 allow the usage of cannabis edibles by individuals, but at the same time, they pose specific limitations and interdictions. As such, an individual is obliged by law to consume such products on private
property, while the amount of CBD he can possess is meager. Besides, one can only own a coupleof plants, so that mass production and illegal distribution are prevented.

Still, San Diego attorneys state that due to the contradictions in the current law, even though cannabis edibles are legal in the state of California, one might face some serious charges depending on the THC amounts in such products. The Bureau of Cannabis Control or BCC admitted that they intend to pass testing requirements for cannabis edibles if they were within a 10 percent variance of THC. But at the same time, the California Department of PublicHealth released an official note in which stated that the CDPH regulations prohibited CBD edibles from having more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving.

Of course, back in February 2019, another modification to the existing law was issued, in which the CDPH publicly admitted that the BCC’s reiteration of the THC rule is not considered viable. As such, any cannabis edible that exceeded 10 milligrams by less than 10 percent will be labeled as legal for sale under both regulations.

Anyway, if it were to ask any San Diego attorney, we will receive a similar answer. Even though this offers some sorts of clarification, the CDPH’s regulation is still unclear.

Indeed, the sale of cannabis edibles with more than 10 milligrams of THC is prohibited. But CBD distributors feel like this allows plenty of room for an individual to claim that a CBD product was unsafe.

What users should know is that not all cannabis edibles are created in the same way. Various factors determine the quality and amount of THC. And this is why officials advise that it is always best to purchase such products from reliable sources. The most qualitative cannabis edibles are made from oils that go through double or triple distillation. This removes pesticide residues, and offer a purer product with a verifiable dosage of CBD.

The bottom line is that even though the state of California deemed as legal the usage of CBD related products, there are plenty of disagreements amongst authorities. As such, the FDA still has issues concerning the safety of cannabis edibles, while the DEA even labels all marijuana and marijuana-derived products under harmful drugs. Indeed, the first step towards legalizing such products was done, but there is a need for additional clarifications concerning how one can use cannabis edibles without facing any legal issues.