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Purple Urkle (a.k.a. Humboldt Purple, Purple Urple, Lavender)

Look - Nice little thick purple buds, very resinous.

Smell - If purple had a smell, this is what it would smell like Grapey.

Taste - Thick and tastey, when you smoke this you will understand the term, ”Tastes like purple”.

Effects - Purple Urkle is very stoney, couchlock Indica, munchies

Medical Uses - Insomnia, appetite, muscle tension, muscle pain
Kosher Kush

Look - Small thick nuggets that are dark/light green. Nice trichome coverage throughout.

Smell -
Kosher Kush definitely has the OG Kush smell to it, very dank, musky with a hint of sweetness.

- Sweet on the inhale and pure pine fuel on the exhale.

Effects - Great balance of body and head effects. Similar to Headband.

Medical Uses - Kosher Kush is definitely good for pain relief. It is also a mood enhancer.
Grand Daddy Purple

Look - Nice thick buds with shades of purple. Great trichome coverage, with orange hairs to compliment.

Smell -
Grand Daddy Purple smells very fruity and grapey. Just like the Purple Urkle, if purple had a smell, this would be it.

Taste - A very smooth grapey, purple taste. Very fruity.

Effects -
For an Indica Grand Daddy Purple is very uplifting, but still gives you the Indica relaxation.

Medical Uses -
Anxiety, stress, Nausea, depression
Critical Kush

Look - Sticky light/dark green buds covered in crystals.

Smell -
Nice earthy Kush smell with a hint of spice.

Taste - Critical Kush has that distinct Kush taste with a spicy, earthy taste on the exhale.

Effects -
This is a very ralaxing strain, nice to smoke after a long day at work to get the tension out, but not too couch locky.

Medical Uses -
Stress, Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxant, Insomnia
Cataract Kush

Look -
Cataract Kush looks like OG kush, but more dense. Looks black or very dark after curing.

Smell -
Earthy, has that definitive Kush smell to it.

Taste -
The flavor is LA dominate with the OG Kush coming through in the exhale.

Effects -
Extremely potent with a creeper effect that keeps building.

Medical Uses - Good for pain relief, eating and sleep disorders, arthritis
Lemon Kush

Look - Tight light green nuggets with a good covering of crystals and orange hair patches here and there

Smell - When I first opened the container the lemon aroma hit me immediately. It isn’t like a Trainwreck lemon pledge/pinesol smell, it has a more distinct clean citrus lemon fragrance to it, with earthy kush undertones.

Taste - I’m used to kush that has an earthiness on the exhale. Lemon Kush marijuana is the complete opposite. It had a strong earthy taste on the inhale that seemed like it was going to expand a lot, but on the exhale it was a smooth clean citrus taste.

Medical Uses - Sleep aid, muscle tension, pain relief, stress, anxiety, increases appetite
Hindu Skunk

Look - Compact light green medium sized buds with random clusters of orange hairs, covered in smallish trichomes that gives it a yellow hue in some lighting.

Smell - This strain reminds me of Blue Dream when I smell it. It has a very sweet fruity fragrance with skunky undertones.

Taste - Hindu Skunk is very smooth on the inhale with a slight sweet taste followed by an earthy Kush taste. I
Effects - It is good for daytime use, but I would avoid smoking it before bedtime if you are restless, otherwise you should be fine.

Medical Uses - Stress, Anxiety, Mild Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation, Increases Appetite
Northern Lights

Look - DNA Genetics Northern Lights has the earthy, musky Kush smell with accents of lemon, fuel and fruit to compliment.

Smell -
It tastes like it smells. Nice and earthy with a fuely, lemon, fruity undertone.

Taste - Very strong if too much is smoked. With light quantities it can have a very cerebral effect, but smoke a lot and you will be stuck to the couch.

Effects -
Pain relief, sleeping disorders, appetite, anxiety.

Medical Uses - Northern Lights is definitely good for pain relief. It is also a mood enhancer.
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