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10 Fun Facts About Weed You Might Not Know

10 Fun Facts About Weed You Might Not Know

It is a plant which grows where it shouldn’t grow i.e., growing in the crops which are not of same breed.

Fun facts about weed

  1. Those were the days, where internet was barely known. Those were days, where the online shopping was not known. Those were days E-Commerce was not known. Then found the students of Stanford in 1971, how to do transactions online. They did buy a bag full of weed with the help of online transaction which is now well known as E-Commerce.
  2. The head of Federal Bureau of Narcotics named Mexican immigrants as Marijuana. He ignited the feeling of racism in Americans. We can say that the comparison was very funny.
  3. After Tupac died, the body was turned in to ash. His friends mixed the weed along with the ash and did smoke.
  4. In Colorado, the people with Marijuana dispensaries are more compared to famous stores like Starbucks, Mc Donald’s etc. The people who buy Marijuana are more. There are very few restrictions in Colorado for Marijuana sellers at dispensaries and in getting license to open the store is not so difficult.
  5. It’s been said that the pipes from Shakespeare’s garden has the traces of weed. Smoking shows effect faster than injection.
  6. Peppercorns have the same properties as weed has. Both are used for curing anxiety and overcoming of panic situations.
  7. Weed is better compared to Beer. Heavy consumption of Weed doesn’t affect the body much compared to heavy consumption of Beer. Weed is not much toxic compared to Beer. Addiction to Beer is high compared to Weed. Marijuana helps to recover from over dosage of Alcohol.
  8. Eskimos state Ice in 100 different words. Whereas Americans state weed in 200 different words. Few of them are Ace, Alfalfa, Baby, Bhang, Blonde, Blunt, Broccoli, Bud, Cannon, Dank, Dope, Endo, Ganja, Herb, Jay, Jive, Kief, Kind, Kush, Loco weed, Love weed, Magic dragon, Magic smoke, Marihuana or Marijuana, Muggle, Nixon, Pakalolo, Pinner, Pot, Reefer, Roach, Rope, Salad, Skunk, Spliff, Stash, Stogie, Tea, Thirteen, Trees, Whacky tabacky, Weed and many more.
  9. In Mexico, weed is grown in large amounts. It is because, the profits are more in growing this compared to other crops. They grow weed to economically grow their country.
  1. It is stated that it will be illegal if we do not grow Hemp. Cannabis is a crop which is used for business and medical purposes. Whereas Hemp is used in making of fabric and ropes to sail etc. Thus they have different usage. Hence the conditions in which they are grown are also different.

Australia, Belgium, Canada, North Korea and many such places are there where the usage of weed is legal

Health Benefits of Marijuana

Health Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana is a crop. It is used as medication for different health problems. The growth of Marijuana should be controlled to protect other crops. We get many profits in growing Marijuana. Its growth is economically good for the development. Mainly the roots are used for medication. There are people who don’t like growing weed. Such people control its growth. These should be grown based on the benefits.

Health Benefits

  1. While we are sleeping, we will be suffering from nightmares. The consumption of Marijuana helps to stop nightmares which keep irritating us.
  2. Nowadays we can see many people are suffering from arthritis which leads to heavy pain in bones. The climatic changes may not show much effort on the pain. Consumption of Marijuana helps us to get relief from the pain and be comfortable.
  3. We may sometimes not go to toilet. At that time there will be some irritation in the stomach. To be free from the irritation we should first get bowel. Marijuana helps to get protected from inflammatory bowel disease.
  4. Every person will experience different types of feelings. Few of them will have over anxiety which leads to another feeling that is worrying about, what will happen next. Marijuana helps to reduce the risk from anxiety. Marijuana also helps to control our feelings from being shocked and avoids person from getting stroke.
  5. In some cases, consumption of Marijuana helps to raise the creativity activity. This means that the person will come up with more creative ideas. Short term memories will be no more a problem. It changes the mental state of a mind as positive.
  6. Marijuana helps us to be skinny and maintain our metabolism rate. The person’s face looks very thin and metabolism rate will be good enough as when a person does exercise.
  7. Hepatitis is of various types. Hepatitis C is one of them. While taking the medication for Hepatitis C we may face few side effects. It can be reduced by the consumption of Marijuana. It also helps for the medication to work more effectively.
  8. Drinking alcohol is more addictive compared to Marijuana. To stop from the consumption of alcohol, we can take the help of Marijuana. It has less risk compared to alcohol.
  1. Marijuana helps us to improve the lung health, once it got affected by over consumption of tobacco.
  2. Marijuana consists of different chemicals. A chemical among them helps to stop spreading of cancer.
  3. When the nerve cells in brain and spinal cord stop working, there will be an excess pain and no medication works on them. Instead of waiting to response, we can try to reduce the pain from Multiple Sclerosis by giving Marijuana to smoke.

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